wide range of SMART home and bms solutions provided BY

If you are looking to add smart touch for your home here is some of what you can do with our smart home system:

  • Convenience and Simplicity - Control your ... Lights, TV, AC, Curtain, Entertainment.

  • Lock & Unlock Doors & parking with your Smart Device.

  • Eco friendly & Cost Saving, Save up to 40% on your utility bill.

  • Raise the value of your property.

  • Monitor your kids and home wherever you are.

  • Comfort and Lifestyle, Voice Control Your Home.

  • Security, Safety and Prevention.

  • Irrigation Control.

  • Any other command we can be easily integrated with our system

Our system brand is European, and all parts are manufactured in Europe, so we can assure highest standards of quality at all times.

All modules can be customized as per client’s needs and budget.

We don’t sell boxes, we sell solutions, and we have engineering team to support you to get best product at best price.

For all inquiries or for Demo request please reach us at: esales@neptuneuae.com