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United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi

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  • Tracker

    Best product to track your vehicle, motor cycle and even kids or pets.

    Its very easy to operate, just install SIM card in the device and send SMS to the SIM , you will get a message with location and speed.

    also you can monitor and get reports from webportal. 

    No need for installation.

    • Specification

      • Small size, built-in antenna, easy carried and hidden
      • No installation, necklace/pocket style
      • Quick dial button for 3 calls, talking as a mobile phone
      • 4MB data logger for network blind area
      • With 1950 mAh inbuilt rechargeable battery
      • Ultra low power consumption, continuously work 45 hours by 1 minute interval, standby time more than 7 days
      • Tracking via SMS or GPRS(TCP/UDP)
      • Real time GPS locating
      • Set automatic tracking by distance or time interval
      • Get actual location name via SMS or internet
      • Get position GoogleMap link via SMS
      • SOS panic button
      • Geo-fence setting, speeding alarm
      • Built-in motion sensor for ultra power saving and GPRS saving
      • Support external power bank/solar battery
      • New LBS supported, can locate position when out of GPS signal.
      • For the care & protection & rescue of the elderly, children, patients, wild area explorer, tourists or pets etc.
      • Use 3G network
      • Ability to have online portal to track your car.
      • Get driving history.
      • Get daily report by vehicle.
      • And many other features.
    • Delivery

      3-4 working days after confirmation