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United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi

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  • Neptune SPA Software

    SKU: 364215375135191

    Neptune SPA is a business tool for managing beauty salons and SPA business

    This price is for 1 year license. 


      Neptune SPA is a business tool for managing beauty salons and SPA business, allows user to make bills, manage appointments, communicate with clients, manage staff commission, stock control with limited accounting options, and more powerful features to manage your premises in a very professional productive way.

      It comes with 2 modules; front office & back office, the front office module is platform for users to do daily transactions, (make bill, collect payment, booking management, reports etc.…) and the back office module is the platform for management to configure users, configure items, suppliers and get reports.


      Customers can get full refund within 15 days after purchasing the software


      Installation will be after 3 working days after collecting payment and required data from customer. 


      Software Installation Procedure:

      Once client decides to purchase any of our software packages, we will send him/ her list of our requirements to install the required software package, one data is ready we will upload it in the software package.

      For UAE clients, we can show a physical demo for client for customers in other countries we can make online demo.

    • Support

      3 Months free remote support.

      Client should have internet connection for support