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  • Hardware & Software OFFER

    Get Mini PC, 18.5" Dell LCE, Keyboard & mouse.

    Software (Neptune SPA or RMS Restaurant)

    Cash Drawer

    Thermal printer


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    We are glad to assist you. 

    Once you order we will communicate with you and ask about your items, you will get everything ready after up to 5 working days after order and getting your item list.  



    • SPA Software Features


      We provide Neptune SPA as Spa and salon software solution to maintain your business effectively; our software is suitable for Spas, beauty salons, hairdresser, manicure, etc.… Neptune Spa software is filled with many features that make your business easy to manage

      • Interface:
        • User-friendly interface
        • Work on your favorite language English or Arabic.


      • User
        • Ability to add many users (staff).
        • Ability to set permissions for each user.
        • Ability to work on many POS on the network.
        • Calculate staff commission.


      • Items
        • Add Categories, subcategories & items (we can add it as name or image).
        • Ability to sell items & services.
        • Ability for leasing items.
        • Inventory control for stock items.
        • Material consumption calculations.


      • Calendar
        • Easy powerful calendar.
        • Send customers reminders for their booking via SMS, whatsApp and emails.
        • Ability to modify calendar view according to:




        • Online booking.


      • Communication with client
        • Ability to send clients SMS
        • Ability to send clients emails.
        • Ability to send clients WhatsApp messages.
        • Send any one of the above communication method to client or client list according to applying filters like, send WhatsApp to clients (female, got specific item or service or visited the salon 3 times in a month)


      • Customers
        • Ability to add customer’s details.
        • Ability to set groups for customers.
        • Manage customer payments and outstanding.
        • View customer history.
        • Support customer loyalty and offers and promotions.
        • Program calculates the next service duration and send reminders to clients.


      • Reports: wide range of reports
        • End of day
        • Sales per item, sales per period, sales per staff
        • Customer balance
        • Staff commission
        • Send reports to drop-box and email when closing end of day.
        • Daily, weekly, monthly & yearly wide range of reports.
        • Ability to compare reports between 2 dates.
        • Customer report creation, you can create your report that includes the services you want to show in that report.
        • Monitor your business life, by getting summery report on your smart device.


      • Others:
        • Data base back up
        • Neptune SPA is compatible to work on PC or touch screen all in one or point of sale
        • Support Tablets.
        • Different themes to make user feels comfortable


      • Technical information
      • Programing Language: DotNet
      • Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2012
      • Operating system: windows 7, windows 8, windows server 2008, windows server 2012
      • Minimum requirement: processor dual core or upper, 2GB memory or higher, 300MB on hard disk, Network card installed.
      • Multi user support
      • Multi skin support





      • Latest added features:
      • Online booking with full synchronize to staff calendars and services.  
      • Send SMS to clients to tell them that its service time, this feature is so important because it helps to generate more business.
      • Help page that has all the know-how of the software in very simple videos.


      Neptune Spa software is not only a software but its marketing tools that keep your clients closer and allows you to keep on targeting them with new offers and promotions at no cost.

      It’s not a matter of features and specifications, it’s all about after sales support… we have been doing this since 1999.  We have ticketing system so once you open your ticket, our technical team will assist you remotely to solve the problem at no time, if it didn’t work we will send someone asap to guarantee that your system will be up all the time. 


      For any further clarifications please send to:

      Or WhatsApp to:  +971 55 203 6377 we will be glad to assist you




    • Restaurant Software Features

      RMS features


      RMS Restaurant Management System is the ideal software that enables you to manage your restaurant and have full control on all selling and buying transactions and the consumption of all materials that you have, and it allows you to generate dynamic reports for all details in the restaurant.


      The program is very user friendly and can be handled with any type of staff (each one has his own user-friendly interface)


      RMS Futures:

      Here are some of the main features that available in the program.




      • Multi POS support in the restaurant.
      • Dealing with several dine in and dine out transactions at the same time.
      • Full database for customers, employee and suppliers.
      • Showing caller ID with all customer’s details (location, last order, telephone number) as soon as he call to restaurant.
      • Enables several methods for payments (cash, credit, credit card).
      • Set a discount as percentage or specific amount or adding tax (user permission is required).
      • Full support for touch screen.
      • English Arabic support.
      • Define several departments in the restaurant and unlimited tables.
      • Support PDA.


                  Table transactions:


      • Transfer the bill from one table to another.
      • Merging several tables.
      • Divide table invoice to each person on that table.
      • Table reservation and canceling.


                  Materials transactions:


      • Ability for adding or canceling unlimited number of items.
      • Make some materials as a complimentary.
      • Enable the prices of some specific materials has different price during time.
      • Enables to add an automatic item such as water to the table.




      • Make invoice designee depending on the management needs.
      • Inserting restaurants logo.
      • Control font size and type.
      • Support all printers types.
      • Knowing times of printing each invoice.
      • Set advanced payment.
      • Make discount.
      • Add tax.



                  Kitchen printing


      • Locate all available kitchens.
      • Locate kitchen tat responsible for each plate or order.
      • Printing for several kitchens.
      • Enable multi language printing in the same kitchen.
      • Showing time of printing the order to the kitchen customer’s name and others.
      • font size and type.





      • Configuring unlimited number of materials and items.
      • Dealing with unlimited number of stores.
      • Knowing all items available in each kitchen.
      • Knowing items consumption and telling if there is a waste from the staff.
      • Link between sales and stock control.
      • Calculate the cost of the sold materials.
      • Showing the differences between the real consumption and the numeric inventory.
      • Special interface for store stock management.
      • Know the quantity of items that has the expiry date is about to come.
      • Arrange items by qty, date of expiry, type….
      • Warning system about store and expiry date.
      • Define unlimited subcategories and specification under each item.
      • Possibility for making transfer and entry and much more on the store.


      Finance& accounting:


      • Know all the available in the cash box.
      • Input and out puts on the cash box.
      • Depts. Of customers.
      • Ability to be connected to account system without any need to make export for transactions.
      • Account statement.
      • Support several currencies.
      • Making accounting tree.
      • Accounting reports.
      • Pity cash box.
      • Inventory.
      • LPO system linked to the accounts.
      • Briefly if the customer need an accounting system there is a version of the program that comes with full package accounting system.


      Users and security:


      • Define unlimited number of users.
      • Set permissions for each user depending on the job title and responsibilities.
      • Know the responsible person for each transaction.
      • Knowing failure tries to enter the system date and time.
      • The system can know all tries for cheating.
      • Data backup.




      • Invoices by the way of payment.
      • Invoice by customer’s name, waiter’s name, table, division.
      • Sold materials and ratio of selling it by customer or by types or by orders.
      • Discounts and complimentary.
      • Modified invoices and canceled items responsible persons for that.
      • Income from each payment method.
      • Times that each invoice is printed.
      • In and out for the cashier.
      • Reservations and canceled reservations.
      • Depts. For suppliers or customers.
      • Store inventory by items, by type, by store, by expiry date.
      • Materials consumption for each plate.
      • Sold items and prices of cost and selling price.
      • Staff attendance hours.


      Restaurants chain:


      • The program support linking several restaurants series.
      • Special interface to the manager or owner to know all the details in each restaurant (income, reports, orders, available tables, stores, and much more)



      Why to use RMS?


      • Fro example the restaurant is giving complimentary items more that the required for 20AEd a day it means that at the end of the year you will  loose 7300AED.
      • One of the staff is making a meal and he is using materials 2AED more if he made 20 meal a day then at the end of the year the loss will be 14400AED.
      • It gives all reports that enable you to make perfect fusibility study for expansion.
      • We can modify the program to meet your requirements without any addition fees.