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United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi

©2017 by Neptune Computers.

Thanks for visiting our site, here are most of common question that you might need answer for.

​1.    Why to choose our store?

This is a very good question, the reason simply is that we are not selling boxes like most of mega online stores, we only sell our products which we can install, and provide premium after sales support, while most of other stores they are brokers for vendors who are focusing on selling products ONLY.. and it's very hard to get proper support.

To be more honest if the customer is looking for a standard product that doesn't require support or installation maybe you can get better price from mega online stores, but I you need installation and to have real after sales support we are the right destination.  

2.    Where is our company based?

Our company is based in UAE, we are national UAE establishment, and we have been in the market since 1999.
We are located in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, but we cover all UAE.

3.    I am not based in UAE; can I buy your products? 

Sure, we can sell our products worldwide, and provide remote support to complete installation and make sure that everything is working fine.