Date Recovery Procedure

Thank you for showing interest with our data recovery service, where our data recovery success rate is more than 85%; one of the many products and services that we offer at Neptune Computers.


Our data recovery procedure starts by pulling out your hard drive (this is for Dubai & Abu Dhabi clients only) and diagnosing the data on it. This process usually takes 3 – 4 working days (2 Additional working days are required for Abu Dhabi clients). After that we will send you the status of your data and indicated whether it is recoverable or not. If it is indeed recoverable a quote will be attached for the recovery of the data.


Once our quotation is approved your data will be fully recovered and sent within 2 days. In case our price is refused, the hard disk will be returned without any incurred fees.


Please note the following:


In the case that your data is recoverable we require that a hard disk be provided for the transfer of the data. A hard disk will be quoted in case one is not provided for your side.


We offer the service of allowing our clients of borrowing our hard drive to transfer the data to their PC for 75 AED, provided that our hard drive is returned the next day.


Dependent on the degree of hard drive damage and the data size, we charge between 500 and 2000 AED. In some special cased price might be beyond this range


Payment should be released immediately with getting back your data.


Hoping our products & services will meet your expectation, and looking forward to serving you.



Neptune Team